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Jaundice is when your skin and the whites of your eyes turn yellow.

it may be a signal of something severe, consisting of liver sickness, so that you need to get urgent clinical assist.

See a GP urgently if:
your skin and the whites of your eyes appearance yellow
you can additionally have itchy pores and skin, darker wee and paler poo than usual.

Hand with yellowed pores and skin subsequent to ordinary hand
Yellowed skin is a symptom of jaundice
image showing yellow whites of the attention
The whites of your eyes may look yellow
causes of jaundice
Jaundice is because of the build-up on your body of a yellow substance called bilirubin.

There are masses of feasible reasons for this and a number of them are serious. They include:

alcoholic liver sickness
sickle cellular disease
remedies for jaundice depend upon what's causing it.most stings from sea creatures within the united kingdom aren't serious and can be dealt with with first resource. on occasion you can need to visit health center.

What to do in case you've been stung
Get assist if possible
Ask a lifeguard or a person with first resource training for assist.

If help is not available:

rinse the affected place with seawater (now not fresh water)
dispose of any spines from the skin the use of tweezers or the brink of a financial institution card
soak the region in particularly warm water (as warm as may be tolerated) for at the least half-hour – use warm flannels or towels in case you cannot soak it
take painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen
use vinegar
pee on the edge
observe ice or a cold percent
touch any spines together with your bare hands
cowl or near the wound
visit a minor accidents unit when you have:
excessive ache that isn't always going away
been stung for your face or genitals
been stung by means of a stingray
find your nearest minor injuries unit

go to A&E or name 999 in case you've been stung and feature:
problem respiratory
chest pain
suits or seizures
intense swelling around the affected vicinity
intense bleeding
lightheadedness or lack of recognition
find your nearest A&E department

signs of sea creature stings
the main signs and symptoms of sea creature stings are extreme pain where you're stung and an itchy rash.

Jellyfish and Portuguese guy-of-warfare stings can also purpose raised circular areas on the pores and skin (welts).

how to keep away from being stung
appearance out for seashore caution signs
bear in mind wearing a wetsuit when swimming in the sea, mainly at some stage in the spring and summer time
put on water resistant shoes or sandals while strolling in shallow water or rocky regions
scuff or stamp your feet while walking in shallow water to make sea creatures conscious you're drawing near

new child jaundice
Jaundice is commonplace in newborn babies and is generally innocent.

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