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Legionnaires' disease is a lung infection

you can catch by inhaling droplets of water from things like air conditioning or hot tubs. It's uncommon but can be very serious.

How you get Legionnaires' disease
You can catch Legionnaires' disease if you breathe in tiny droplets of water containing bacteria that cause the infection.

It's usually caught in places like hotels, hospitals or offices where the bacteria have got into the water supply. It's very rare to catch it at home.

You can catch it from things like:
air conditioning systems
spa pools and hot tubs
showers, taps and toilets
You can't usually get it from:
drinking water containing the bacteria
other people with the infection
places like ponds, lakes and rivers
Get an urgent GP appointment if you have a bad cough and:
it doesn't go away
you can't breathe properly
you have severe chest pain
you have a high temperature or you feel hot and shivery
you feel like you have severe flu
These could be symptoms of Legionnaires' disease.

Tell your GP where you've been in the past 10 days, such as if you stayed in a hotel, spa or hospital.

Treatment for Legionnaires' disease
You may need to go into hospital if you're diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease.

Treatment in hospital may include:

antibiotics directly into a vein
oxygen through a face mask or tubes in your nose
a machine to help you breathe
When you start to get better you might be able to take antibiotic tablets at home. Antibiotic treatment usually lasts 1 to 3 weeks.

Most people make a full recovery, but it might take a few weeks to feel back to normal.
Leptospirosis, also called Weil's disease, is an infection you can catch from animals. It's rare in the UK.

How you catch leptospirosis
Leptospirosis is spread in the pee of infected animals – most commonly rats, mice, cows, pigs and dogs.

You can catch it if:

soil or freshwater (such as from a river, canal or lake) containing infected pee gets in your mouth, eyes or a cut – usually during activities like kayaking, outdoor swimming or fishing
you touch an infected animal's blood or flesh – usually from working with animals or animal parts
It's very rare to get leptospirosis from pets, other people or bites.

See a GP if you might have been exposed to infected pee and you have:
a very high temperature, or feel hot and shivery
a headache
feeling and being sick
aching muscles and joints
red eyes
loss of appetite
These are symptoms of leptospirosis.

Ask for an urgent appointment if you have:

yellow skin and eyes (jaundice)
swollen ankles, feet or hands
chest pain
shortness of breath
coughing up blood
You might have a serious infection that needs to be treated quickly.

Treatment from a GP
Your GP may prescribe antibiotic tablets to treat the infection. You should make a full recovery in a few days or weeks.

It's important to finish the course of antibiotics, even if you start to feel better.

Take paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve any aches, pains or fever.

If you have a more serious infection, you may need to be treated in hospital.

How to avoid getting leptospirosis
Leptospirosis is rare, especially in the UK. You're more at risk if you do lots of outdoor activities (especially while abroad) or work with animals or animal parts.

To reduce your chances of catching it:

wash your hands with soap and water after handling animals or animal products
clean any wounds as soon as possible
cover any cuts and grazes with waterproof plasters
wear protective clothing if you're at risk through your job
shower as soon as possible if you've been in potentially infected water
check your dog is vaccinated against leptospirosis (there isn't a vaccine for people)
touch dead animals with your bare hands
drink water from places like rivers, canals or lakes that hasn't been boiled

learning disability affects

the way a person learns new matters for the duration of their lifetime. discover how a getting to know incapacity can affect a person and in which you may locate help.

A studying disability impacts the way a person is aware statistics and how they speak. this indicates they could have problem:

information new or complex facts
getting to know new skills
coping independently
around 1.5 million people within the uk have a mastering incapacity. it's thought up to 350,000 people have a severe mastering incapacity. This figure is increasing.

Severity of studying disability
A gaining knowledge of incapacity may be moderate, slight or excessive.

a few human beings with a moderate mastering incapacity can speak without problems and look after themselves however may want a piece longer than standard to study new talents. other humans might not be able to talk at all and have other disabilities as properly.

some adults with a getting to know disability are able to live independently, whilst others need help with everyday obligations, inclusive of washing and dressing, for his or her complete lives. It depends on the character's capabilities and the level of care and aid they get hold of.

youngsters and younger people with a learning disability may have special academic needs (SEN).

support for learning disabilities and circle of relatives carers
some studying disabilities are diagnosed at start, which includes Down's syndrome. Others might not be discovered till the kid is vintage enough to speak or walk.

once your baby is recognized with a studying incapacity, your GP can refer you for any expert help you can want.

you may begin to get to understand the group of experts who may be concerned on your or your infant's care.

The right aid from experts – inclusive of GPs, paediatricians (doctors who specialise in treating kids), speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, educational and medical psychologists and social care – helps humans with a gaining knowledge of disability live as complete and impartial a existence as viable.

What causes learning disabilities?
A getting to know incapacity occurs while someone's brain development is affected, both earlier than they're born, during their birth or in early early life.

this could be because of things inclusive of:

the mom turning into ill in pregnancy
problems throughout the delivery that forestall enough oxygen attending to the brain
the unborn toddler inheriting sure genes from its dad and mom that make having a gaining knowledge of incapacity more likely – called inherited gaining knowledge of disability
contamination, which includes meningitis, or harm in early formative years
occasionally there is no regarded purpose for a mastering disability.

a few conditions are associated with having a learning incapacity due to the fact human beings with these conditions are more likely to have one.

as an instance, everyone with Down's syndrome has a few form of getting to know disability, and so do many human beings with cerebral palsy.

human beings with autism may have gaining knowledge of disabilities, and around 30% of people with epilepsy have a learning disability.

Profound and multiple mastering incapacity (PMLD)
A profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD) is whilst a person has a extreme studying incapacity and other disabilities that considerably affect their capacity to talk and be independent.

someone with PMLD can also have severe difficulties seeing, listening to, talking and transferring. they'll have complex fitness and social care needs due to these or other situations.

humans with PMLD need a carer or carers to assist them with maximum regions of ordinary existence, such as ingesting, washing and going to the bathroom.
Leg cramps are very common and commonly harmless. they are able to appear at any time, however the general public have them at night or while resting.

test if it's leg cramps
Leg cramps manifest when a muscle all at once shortens and turns into tight (spasms).

They can be very painful and make it tough so that it will circulate. The cramps can last from a few seconds to ten minutes.

they could affect the:

calf muscle, under the knee in the back of the leg
muscle groups inside the toes or the thighs (much less frequently)
After the cramp has stopped, the muscle may sense smooth for as much as 24 hours.

matters you may do your self
during a cramp
most cramps depart with out you doing anything, however stretching and massaging the muscle can help to ease the pain.

Paracetamol or ibuprofen may not help while cramp is happening as they take too lengthy to paintings. they could help to ease muscle tenderness afterwards.

preventing cramps
regular calf-stretching sports won't completely save you cramps, but may additionally help to reduce them.

a way to stretch calf muscles
See a GP if:
leg cramps are stressful your sleep
you furthermore mght have numbness or swelling for your legs
Ask for an urgent appointment if you have cramps and:
they closing longer than 10 mins
there is a chance you might have were given a tetanus contamination from a wound
remedy for leg cramps
Your GP will examine you to try to find out the motive on your cramps.

they will endorse a treatment relying at the motive.

This is probably:

stretching exercises
quinine tablets in case your cramps are very terrible and exercise hasn't helped
Quinine isn't always appropriate for absolutely everyone. Your GP will talk capacity risks and side consequences with you.

causes of leg cramps
Cramps can once in a while be because of:

exercise – setting an excessive amount of stress on muscle tissues
pregnancy – commonly inside the later level
medicine for lowering ldl cholesterol (statins) or high blood stress (diuretics)
not drinking sufficient fluid (dehydration)
liver sickness – because of too much alcohol
The motive for some cramps is unknown.

With guide, many humans can learn how to speak in extraordinary ways, be involved in choices about themselves, do things they revel in and attain more independence.

Laxatives are a type of medicine that can help you empty your bowels

if you're having hassle going to the toilet.

they're widely used to deal with constipation if way of life adjustments, which includes growing the quantity of fibre to your weight loss program, consuming plenty of fluid and taking ordinary exercising, have not helped.

Laxatives are to be had over-the-counter, without a prescription, from pharmacies and supermarkets.

forms of laxatives
the primary laxatives used inside the uk are:

bulk-forming laxatives – including ispaghula husk and methylcellulose, which paintings within the equal manner as dietary fibre; they growth the majority of your stools (faeces) by helping them keep fluid, encouraging your bowels to push the stools out
osmotic laxatives – along with lactulose and polyethylene glycol, which soften your stools and cause them to easier to pass via increasing the quantity of water in your bowels
stimulant laxatives – along with bisacodyl, senna and sodium picosulfate, which accelerate the motion of your bowels by stimulating the nerves that manage the muscle tissues lining your digestive tract
stool softener laxatives – consisting of arachis oil and docusate sodium, which boom the fluid content of difficult, dry stools, making them less complicated to bypass
There are also some of alternative laxatives which might be much less commonly used, together with bowel cleansing answers, peripheral opioid-receptor antagonists, linaclotide and prucalopride.

Which laxative should i exploit?
despite the fact that laxatives had been around for a long time, there may be a loss of outstanding proof approximately exactly how effective they're and whether sure laxatives are higher than others.

unless there is a reason why unique laxatives may be more suitable than others (see below), most adults need to strive the use of a bulk-forming laxative first. those usually start to work after about  or three days.

if your stools continue to be hard, strive the use of an osmotic laxative further to – or as opposed to – a bulk-forming laxative. if your stools are soft, but are nonetheless difficult to skip, attempt taking a stimulant laxative further to a bulk-forming laxative.

Osmotic laxatives typically begin to work after about  or 3 days, at the same time as stimulant laxatives typically have an impact inside six to twelve hours.

communicate for your GP or pharmacist in case you're unsure which laxative to apply. additionally see your GP in case you're still constipated after trying all the unique sorts of laxative, or in case you suppose your baby may advantage from taking laxatives.

things to recollect
although laxatives are to be had over the counter, they're not suitable for all and sundry.

Laxatives are not commonly recommended for kids, until cautioned by means of a medical doctor, and some kinds of laxatives won't be secure to use when you have positive situations, together with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

before using laxatives, cautiously study the affected person facts leaflet that includes the medication to make sure it's secure as a way to take.

study more about the considerations regarding laxatives.

the way to take laxatives
How you're taking laxative medicinal drug depends on the form it comes in, they're normally available as:

drugs or tablets you swallow
sachets of powder you blend with water and then drink
suppositories – a capsule you location inside your returned passage (rectum), where it'll dissolve
drinks or gels that you vicinity directly into your again passage
some laxatives are also designed to be taken at certain times of the day, together with first component in the morning or final factor at night.

study the affected person statistics leaflet that comes with your medicine so you recognize a way to take it properly. Ask your pharmacist for further recommendation if you're nonetheless not certain a way to take your medication.

even as taking bulk-forming or osmotic laxatives it is specifically essential to stay well hydrated by consuming masses of fluids. that is due to the fact those laxatives can purpose dehydration.

by no means take more than the encouraged dose of laxatives because this may be dangerous and motive difficult aspect outcomes (see below).

How lengthy need to laxatives be used for?
preferably, laxatives should best be used now and again and for quick periods of time. forestall taking a laxative when your constipation improves.

After taking a laxative, to help stop constipation returning you could make sure lifestyle adjustments, which include drinking lots of water, workout often and such as more fibre for your weight loss program. these styles of measures are a better manner of stopping constipation than excessive use of laxatives.

See your GP for advice if you're frequently constipated, regardless of making suitable lifestyle modifications, or if your constipation hasn't advanced after taking laxatives for more than a week.

don't get into the addiction of taking laxatives every day to ease your constipation due to the fact this may be harmful.

In a few cases, you will be prescribed a laxative to use often, however this should continually be supervised by your GP or a gastroenterologist (a expert in digestive situations).

aspect consequences
Like maximum medications, laxatives can cause facet outcomes. they're generally slight and need to pass when you prevent taking the medicine.

The side consequences you may revel in will depend on the precise medicinal drug you take, however commonplace aspect consequences of maximum laxatives consist of:

passing wind (flatulence)
painful tummy (stomach) cramps
feeling unwell
dehydration – which can make you sense lightheaded, have complications and bypass urine it really is darker than everyday
touch your GP for advice if you experience any specifically difficult or chronic aspect outcomes at the same time as taking laxatives.

excessive or extended use of laxatives also can cause diarrhoea, intestinal obstruction (wherein the bowel turns into blocked by using massive, dry stools) and unbalanced tiers of salts and minerals for your frame.

it is often viable to enhance constipation without having to apply laxatives. earlier than attempting laxatives, it may assist to make a number of lifestyle adjustments, consisting of:

growing your every day consumption of fibre – you ought to consume approximately 30g of fibre an afternoon; excessive-fibre ingredients include fruit, vegetables and cereals
including bulking sellers, which include wheat bran, in your diet – those will help make your stools softer and easier to pass, despite the fact that bran and fibre can on occasion make bloating worse
drinking masses of water
workout regularlyA "lazy eye" (amblyopia) is a childhood situation where the vision doesn't increase nicely.

It takes place because one or both eyes are not able to build a strong link to the brain. It typically most effective affects one eye, and way that the kid can see much less actually out of the affected eye and is based extra on the "correct" eye.

it's estimated that 1 in 50 youngsters will expand a lazy eye.

How to tell if your infant has a lazy eye
A lazy eye does not commonly motive signs. younger kids are often unaware that there's anything wrong with their vision and, if they're, they're usually unable to provide an explanation for what's incorrect.

Older youngsters may whinge that they cannot see as properly via one eye and have problems with analyzing, writing and drawing.

In a few instances, you could be aware that one eye looks exceptional from the other.

but, this is usually a signal of some other situation that might result in a lazy eye, such as:

a squint (strabismus) – where the weaker eye seems inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards, while the opposite eye looks forwards
refractive mistakes – wherein there's a hassle with how the attention focuses light; refractive mistakes encompass brief-sightedness (myopia), lengthy-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism
childhood cataracts – cloudy patches that develop inside the lens, which sits behind the iris (the coloured a part of the eye) and student
in case your child is just too younger to inform you how appropriate their imaginative and prescient is, you may take a look at their eyes with the aid of protecting every eye with your hand, separately. they may object to covering the best eye, however they might not thoughts in case you cowl the lazy eye.

If they try to push your hand faraway from one eye however now not the alternative, it is able to be a sign they can see better out of 1 eye.

while to get scientific advice
Lazy eye is regularly identified throughout ordinary eye checks before parents recognise there's a trouble.

if you need to be reassured about your toddler's vision, they could have their eyes tested when they may be antique enough to attend a sight test at a excessive road opticians, that is typically after they're 3 years vintage.

All newborn babies inside the united kingdom have an eye check in the first days of lifestyles, and then again at 2-3 months antique, to search for situations inclusive of cataracts. problems like squint and refractive errors may not broaden till the kid is some years vintage.

it is hard to deal with lazy eye after the age of six, so it's endorsed that every one kids have their vision examined after their fourth birthday. this is the responsibility of your local authority, which have to organise vision checking out for all youngsters among four-5 years of age (while kids begin school).

read greater approximately eye assessments for children.

you could additionally go to your GP when you have any worries approximately your child's eyesight. If necessary, they could refer your infant to a watch professional.

examine greater approximately diagnosing a lazy eye.

reasons of lazy eye
The eyes work like a digital camera. light passes via the lens of each eye and reaches a light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye known as the retina.

The retina translates the photograph into nerve indicators which can be despatched to the brain. The brain combines the indicators from each eye right into a three-dimensional photograph.

A lazy eye happens when the mind connections accountable for vision are not made well. To build these connections, in the course of the primary 8 years of a child's existence, the attention has to "display" the mind a clear picture. This allows the brain to construct sturdy pathways for information approximately vision.

A lazy eye can be because of:

a reduced quantity of light entering the attention
a lack of focus in the attention (a refractive blunders)
confusion among the eyes – in which the 2 photographs aren't the same (consisting of a squint)
Left untreated, this may result in the attention's principal imaginative and prescient never reaching everyday tiers.

read extra approximately the reasons of a lazy eye.

remedy for lazy eye
In most cases it's miles possible to treat a lazy eye, generally in two ranges.

If there's a hassle with the quantity of light entering the attention, such as a cataract blockading the pathway of light, remedy may be needed to do away with the blockage.

If there's a refractive blunders, it'll first be corrected the usage of glasses to correct the focal point of the eye, which regularly enables accurate a squint as nicely.

the child is then encouraged to apply the affected eye again. this can be accomplished the use of an eye patch to cowl the more potent eye, or eye drops to temporarily blur the vision in the stronger eye.

remedy is often powerful, but it is a sluggish procedure that takes many months to paintings. If remedy is stopped too soon, any development may be misplaced.

remedy for lazy eye is only for more youthful youngsters. it's uncertain how helpful it is for kids over 8 years of age.

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery)

Laparoscopy is a type of surgical procedure that lets in a physician to get right of entry to the internal of the abdomen (tummy) and pelvis without having to make massive incisions inside the skin.

This technique is likewise referred to as keyhole surgical operation or minimally invasive surgery.

large incisions may be prevented throughout laparoscopy due to the fact the health care provider makes use of an instrument referred to as a laparoscope.

this is a small tube that has a light supply and a digital camera, which relays pix of the inner of the stomach or pelvis to a television screen.

The blessings of this approach over traditional open surgical treatment encompass:

a shorter clinic live and faster recovery time
much less ache and bleeding after the operation
decreased scarring
when laparoscopy is used
Laparoscopy can be used to assist diagnose a wide variety of conditions that develop in the abdomen or pelvis. it could also be used to perform surgical procedures, consisting of disposing of a damaged or diseased organ, or putting off a tissue sample for similarly checking out (biopsy).

Laparoscopy is maximum usually utilized in:

gynaecology – the observe and treatment of situations affecting the female reproductive machine
gastroenterology – the observe and remedy of conditions affecting the digestive device
urology – the look at and treatment of conditions affecting the urinary device
examine more about while laparoscopy is used.

How laparoscopy is carried out
Laparoscopy is done below widespread anaesthetic, so that you might not experience any ache for the duration of the technique.

in the course of laparoscopy, the medical professional makes one or more small incisions inside the abdomen. these allow the health care provider to insert the laparoscope, small surgical equipment, and a tube used to pump gasoline into the stomach. This makes it simpler for the physician to look around and operate.

After the technique, the fuel is set free of your stomach, the incisions are closed the usage of stitches and a dressing is carried out.

you may frequently go home at the equal day of your laparoscopy, despite the fact that you can want to live in medical institution in a single day.

read more approximately how laparoscopy is accomplished.

Laparoscopy is a normally done method and serious headaches are uncommon.

Minor headaches
Minor headaches are expected to arise in 1 or 2 out of each 100 instances following laparoscopy. They consist of:

minor bleeding and bruising around the incision
feeling ill and vomiting
extreme headaches
critical headaches after laparoscopy are estimated to arise in 1 out of every 1,000 cases. They consist of:

harm to an organ, consisting of your bowel or bladder, which could result in the loss of organ function
damage to a main artery
headaches springing up from the usage of carbon dioxide throughout the process, which include the gas bubbles getting into your veins or arteries
a critical allergy to the overall anaesthetic
a blood clot developing in a vein, commonly in one of the legs (deep vein thrombosis or DVT), that could smash off and block the blood glide in one of the blood vessels inside the lungs (pulmonary embolism)
similarly surgical operation is frequently required to deal with many of those greater severe complications.
Laryngeal most cancers is a form of cancer that impacts the larynx (voice box).

The larynx is a part of the throat observed at the doorway of the windpipe (trachea). It performs an essential position in supporting you breathe and speak.

in the uk, there are approximately 2,400 new cases of laryngeal cancer every year.

The circumstance is extra not unusual in people over the age of 60. it's about 4 times more common in guys than girls.

signs and symptoms of laryngeal most cancers
the main symptoms of laryngeal cancer encompass:

a exchange for your voice, together with sounding hoarse
pain when swallowing or difficulty swallowing
a lump or swelling for your neck
a long-lasting cough
a persistent sore throat or earache
in intense instances, problem respiration
a few human beings may also experience awful breath, breathlessness, a excessive-pitched wheezing noise whilst respiratory, unexplained weight reduction, or fatigue (excessive tiredness).

whilst to see your GP
You should visit your GP if you have had any of the main signs and symptoms listed above for extra than 3 weeks.

these symptoms are regularly caused by less critical situations, including laryngitis, however it's a terrific concept to get them looked at.

If vital, your GP can refer you to a sanatorium expert for in addition tests to verify or rule out most cancers.

read greater approximately diagnosing laryngeal most cancers.

What reasons laryngeal cancer?
it's now not clear exactly what causes laryngeal cancer, however your danger of having the condition is improved by means of:

smoking tobacco
often ingesting big quantities of alcohol
having a circle of relatives history of head and neck most cancers
having an unhealthy weight loss plan
publicity to positive chemical compounds and substances, such as asbestos and coal dust
through adopting a wholesome way of life, consisting of heading off alcohol and tobacco, you could drastically lessen your possibilities of growing laryngeal most cancers.

examine more about the reasons of laryngeal cancer and preventing laryngeal cancer.

How laryngeal most cancers is handled
the main treatments for laryngeal cancer are radiotherapy, surgical operation and chemotherapy.

Radiotherapy or surgical procedure to take away the cancerous cells from the larynx can frequently cure laryngeal cancer if it's recognized early.

If the cancer is superior, a aggregate of surgical procedure to cast off component or all of the larynx, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be used.

when you have surgery to take away your larynx, you may no longer have the ability to talk or breathe inside the standard manner. instead, you'll breathe via a everlasting hole to your neck (stoma) and you may want additional treatment to help repair your voice.

this can include an implant in your throat, or an electrical device you hold in opposition to your throat to supply sound.

read greater about treating laryngeal cancer and recovering from laryngeal cancer surgery.

The outlook for laryngeal cancer depends at the quantity of the cancer whilst it's identified and dealt with.

fortunately, maximum laryngeal cancers are recognized at an early stage, which means the outlook is typically better than a few different sorts of most cancers.

standard, approximately 70 out of each one hundred humans will stay for as a minimum five years after analysis and approximately 60 out of each a hundred people will live for at least 10 years.

if you smoke, preventing smoking after being diagnosed with laryngeal cancer may improve your outlook.

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem

where the body is unable to digest lactose, a kind of sugar in particular located in milk and dairy products.

signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance normally broaden inside some hours of ingesting meals or drink that carries lactose. they will encompass:

flatulence (wind)
bloated belly
stomach cramps and pains
stomach rumbling
feeling sick
The severity of your symptoms and after they seem depends on the amount of lactose you've fed on.

some humans may still be capable of drink a small glass of milk without triggering any symptoms, even as others might not also be able to have milk in their tea or espresso.

whilst to seek clinical advice
The signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance can be just like several different conditions, so it's essential to peer your GP for a diagnosis earlier than disposing of milk and dairy products out of your weight-reduction plan.

as an instance, the signs and symptoms above can also be resulting from:

irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – an extended-term disease that affects the digestive device
milk protein intolerance – an detrimental response to the protein in milk from cows (no longer similar to a milk hypersensitive reaction)
if your GP thinks you have lactose intolerance, they may suggest fending off foods and drinks containing lactose for two weeks to see if your signs and symptoms enhance.

read more approximately diagnosing lactose intolerance.

What causes lactose intolerance?
The frame digests lactose using a substance referred to as lactase. This breaks down lactose into two sugars referred to as glucose and galactose, which can be without difficulty absorbed into the bloodstream.

human beings with lactose intolerance don't produce sufficient lactase, so lactose remains in the digestive system in which it's fermented by using micro organism. This results in the manufacturing of diverse gases, which motive the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

depending on the underlying cause why the frame isn't always producing sufficient lactase, lactose intolerance may be transient or everlasting. most instances that expand in adults are inherited and have a tendency to be lifelong, however cases in young youngsters are frequently because of an contamination in the digestive machine and can handiest ultimate for some weeks.

read greater approximately the causes of lactose intolerance.

who is affected?
in the uk, lactose intolerance is extra commonplace in people of Asian or African-Caribbean descent.

Lactose intolerance can develop at any age. Many instances first broaden in people elderly 20 to 40, although infants and younger youngsters can also be affected.

Is it an hypersensitivity?
Lactose intolerance is not similar to a milk or dairy allergy. meals hypersensitive reactions are due to your immune system reacting to a sure kind of food. This reasons symptoms such as a rash, wheezing and itching.

if you're allergic to some thing, even a tiny particle may be enough to trigger a reaction, even as most people with lactose intolerance can nevertheless consume small quantities of lactose with out experiencing any issues (despite the fact that this varies from character to person).

Treating lactose intolerance
there is no treatment for lactose intolerance, however restricting your intake of food and drink containing lactose generally enables to govern the symptoms.

relying on what dairy products you are able to consume, you may also require extra calcium and vitamin D dietary supplements to keep your bones robust and healthful. In some cases, your GP may additionally refer you to a dietitian for further recommendation.

further to nutritional modifications, lactase substitutes will also be useful. those are drops or pills you could take together with your food or beverages to improve your digestion of lactose.

read extra about treating lactose intolerance.

headaches of lactose intolerance
Milk and different dairy products include calcium, protein and vitamins such as A, B12 and D. Lactose also allows your frame soak up some of different minerals, together with magnesium and zinc. these nutrients and minerals are crucial for the improvement of strong, healthful bones.

in case you're lactose illiberal, getting the proper quantity of vital nutrients and minerals can prove tough. this could result in bad weight loss and positioned you at increased chance of growing the following conditions:

Osteopenia – where you have a totally low bone-mineral density. If osteopenia isn't treated, it is able to grow to be osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis – in which your bones come to be skinny and susceptible. when you have osteoporosis, your hazard of getting fractures and damaged bones is accelerated.
Malnutrition – when the food you eat would not come up with the nutrients important for a healthy functioning body. if you're malnourished, wounds can take longer to heal and you may begin to feel tired or depressed.
in case you're worried that dietary regulations are putting you liable to complications, you may discover it helpful to consult a dietitian. they could endorse you on your weight loss plan and whether or not you require meals supplements.Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) is a completely uncommon situation that affects the signals sent from the nerves to the muscle mass.

It way the muscle mass are not able to tighten (settlement) nicely, resulting in muscle weakness and various different signs.

approximately half of LEMS cases arise in center-elderly or older people with lung cancer. The ultimate instances aren't associated with most cancers and can begin at any age.

LEMS is likewise known as myasthenic syndrome or Eaton-Lambert syndrome.

symptoms of LEMS
The signs and symptoms of LEMS expand gradually over weeks or months.

the main signs are weakness within the legs, hands, neck and face, as well as issues with automated frame capabilities, which include controlling blood strain.

common signs and symptoms include:

aching muscle groups
trouble on foot and hiking stairs
issue lifting items or elevating the arms
drooping eyelids, dry eyes and blurred imaginative and prescient
swallowing issues
dizziness upon standing
a dry mouth
erectile dysfunction in men
strength that briefly improves while workout, only to lessen as exercise keeps
See your GP if you have a combination of these signs.

causes of LEMS
LEMS is because of the frame's natural defences (the immune gadget) mistakenly attacking and unfavourable the nerves.

generally, nerve alerts tour down the nerves and stimulate the nerve endings to release a chemical referred to as acetylcholine. This chemical then enables set off the muscle tissues.

If the nerve endings are damaged, the amount of acetylcholine they produce decreases, this means that nerve alerts do not attain the muscle tissues well.

it is now not regarded what triggers the immune system to assault the nerves. it's often associated with lung most cancers, however can occur in people with out cancer.

LEMS isn't inherited.

assessments for LEMS
Your GP will first check your scientific history, ask about your symptoms, carry out a physical exam, and take a look at your reflexes.

if they assume you've got a trouble along with your nerves, they'll refer you to a consultant called a neurologist for similarly checks to decide the purpose.

assessments you may have include:

blood assessments – a blood take a look at can detect substances inside the blood (antibodies) as a result of the immune system attacking the nerves
nerve research – a needle can be inserted into your pores and skin to test how nicely indicators are reaching the muscles from the nerves
scans – you can have a computerised tomography (CT) experiment or positron emission tomography (puppy) experiment to test for lung cancer
If preliminary scans don't locate most cancers, you will be counseled to have ordinary scans every few months for a few years to test that it doesn't expand in a while.

remedies for LEMS
there may be presently no treatment for LEMS, however a number of remedies can assist reduce the symptoms.

these encompass:

treatment for lung most cancers – if you have lung cancer, treating it may substantially improve the signs and symptoms of LEMS
medicine to assist nerve signals attain the muscle tissue – normally used medicines consist of three,four-diaminopyridine and pyridostigmine
medicine to lessen the pastime of the immune gadget (immunosuppressants) – generally used drugs include steroid capsules (prednisolone), azathioprine and methotrexate
immunoglobulin therapy – injections of antibodies from donated blood that temporarily prevent your immune machine attacking your nerves
plasmapheresis – a procedure to redirect your blood thru a machine that filters out the antibodies attacking your nerves
remedy is the principle remedy, although immunoglobulin remedy and plasmapheresis may be endorsed within the quick time period, or if muscle weak spot is severe and different remedies haven't helped.

Outlook for LEMS
some humans reply properly to treatment and are subsequently able to forestall taking medication, even though this can not be for several years.

Others reply less well and discover the circumstance influences their regular activities and satisfactory of lifestyles.

LEMS would not have an effect on life expectancy if it is not related to cancer. however people with lung cancer and LEMS have a tendency to have a shorter life expectancy as it's often now not diagnosed till the most cancers has spread, and by means of this factor it's very tough to treat.

information about you
if you have LEMS, your scientific team may bypass facts about you on to the countrywide Congenital Anomaly and rare illnesses Registration provider (NCARDRS).

This enables scientists look for higher approaches to prevent and deal with this circumstance. you can choose out of the check in at any time.

Your GP have to be able to refer you to an NHS dietitian freed from fee. instead, you could touch a non-public dietician. The British Dietetic association has records on a way to discover a private dietitian.

Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection.

It reasons a delicate shape deep inside your ear referred to as the labyrinth to become infected, which influences your hearing and stability.

signs and symptoms of labyrinthitis
The maximum common symptoms of labyrinthitis are:

feeling that you or your environment are shifting or spinning (vertigo)
feeling or being ill
some hearing loss
these symptoms can range in severity, with a few humans feeling that they can not stand upright.

different signs and symptoms of labyrinthitis can also encompass:

slight complications
ringing or buzzing in your ear(s) (tinnitus)
fluid or pus leaking from your ear(s)
ear ache
changes in imaginative and prescient, along with blurred imaginative and prescient or double imaginative and prescient
The signs of labyrinthitis may be quite severe throughout the primary week, however generally get better after a few weeks.

In a few instances the signs can closing longer and feature a tremendous effect for your best of life and potential to carry out normal duties.

Labyrinthitis and Vertigo (BPPV): Hazel's story
Hazel has labyrinthitis, an internal ear infection. Watch the way it affected her balance and belief, and in which she determined assist.
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when to get clinical assist
when you have dizziness, vertigo, a few listening to loss or any of the above symptoms and they do not get better after some days, or your signs and symptoms have become worse, see your GP or name NHS 111.

signs of vertigo, nausea and illness frequently improve steadily over a few days, despite the fact that they could every so often closing for several weeks.

you may feel unsteady for a number of weeks or months. This usually improves through the years and with remedy. Your hearing have to go back, despite the fact that this can rely on the form of infection that prompted the trouble.

See your GP or call NHS 111 right away if you have surprising hearing loss in one ear, with or without vertigo. it's critical the motive is investigated.

Diagnosing labyrinthitis
Labyrinthitis is recognized based in your signs and symptoms, clinical records and a bodily exam.

Your GP can also ask you to move your head or body, and your ears may be checked for signs of irritation and contamination.

you can additionally have some hearing tests, as labyrinthitis is more likely if you have hearing loss.

Your GP may even test your eyes. If they are flickering uncontrollably, it is usually a sign that your vestibular device, the body's balancing machine, is not operating well.

Treating labyrinthitis
The signs of labyrinthitis commonly bypass inside a few weeks.

remedy involves consuming masses of fluid to avoid turning into dehydrated, mattress rest, and medication that will help you cope better with the signs and symptoms.

most cases of labyrinthitis are as a result of a viral contamination, wherein case antibiotics may not assist. however you may be presented antibiotics if your medical doctor thinks your contamination is bacterial.

contact your GP in case your signs do not improve after three weeks. you could need to be noted an ear, nostril and throat (ENT) professional.

A small variety of humans have signs that persist for numerous months or, in some instances, years. This calls for a extra extensive sort of remedy called vestibular rehabilitation remedy (VRT). VRT is a specialized shape of physiotherapy.

study greater approximately treating labyrinthitis.

What reasons labyrinthitis?
Labyrinthitis is due to an contamination within the labyrinth. The labyrinth is the innermost part of the ear.

It includes the:

cochlea – a small spiral-fashioned hollow space that relays sounds to the mind and is chargeable for hearing
vestibular machine – a fixed of fluid-crammed channels that contributes in your feel of stability
Labyrinthitis typically follows a viral infection, which includes a cold or the flu. The contamination can unfold from the chest, nostril, mouth and airlines to the internal ear.

Infections that affect the rest of the frame, which includes measles, mumps or glandular fever, are a much less not unusual cause of viral labyrinthitis.

In uncommon cases, labyrinthitis can be due to a bacterial infection. Bacterial labyrinthitis is more likely to have an effect on young kids and can be serious.

bacteria can input the labyrinth if the skinny membranes keeping apart your middle ear from your inner ear are broken. this can appear if you have a center ear infection or an contamination of the mind lining (meningitis).

Labyrinthitis can also broaden in human beings who have an underlying autoimmune condition, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue instead of combating off infections.

headaches of labyrinthitis
Bacterial labyrinthitis carries a higher threat of causing permanent listening to loss, specifically in kids who've advanced it as a trouble of meningitis.

because of this accelerated chance, a listening to check is usually recommended after having bacterial labyrinthitis.

extreme listening to loss after bacterial labyrinthitis can every so often be treated with a cochlear implant. this is a small listening to device outfitted beneath the pores and skin in the back of your ear all through surgical operation.

Vestibular neuronitis
Many people identified with labyrinthitis simplest revel in the stability signs and symptoms with out listening to loss.

this is known as vestibular neuronitis in preference to labyrinthitis. however, both terms are frequently used to describe the equal analysis.

A lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) take a look at measures the quantity of LDH within the blood.

Lactate dehydrogenase is an enzyme that the frame uses at some stage in the technique of turning sugar into strength to your cells to use.

LDH is found in a few of the frame's tissues and organs, which includes the muscle tissues, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, mind and blood cells.

The LDH test is especially used to assist identify the place and severity of tissue damage inside the body. it's also every so often used to screen how a long way sure situations have advanced consisting of:

kidney disorder
liver sickness
a few styles of most cancers
in the past, LDH tiers were extensively utilized to assist diagnose and screen heart attacks. however, different assessments are now generally used to try this.

"Leaky gut syndrome"

Leaky intestine syndrome" is a proposed circumstance a few fitness practitioners claim is the cause of a huge variety of lengthy-time period situations, which includes persistent fatigue syndrome and a couple of sclerosis (MS).
Proponents of "leaky gut syndrome" declare that many signs and conditions are due to the immune device reacting to germs, pollutants or different substances which have been absorbed into the bloodstream through a porous ("leaky") bowel.
at the same time as it's proper that a few situations and medications can cause a "leaky" gut (what scientists call improved intestinal permeability), there is presently little evidence to support the principle that a porous bowel is the direct cause of any vast, full-size problems.
there's also little proof that the "treatments" a few people declare help to reduce bowel leakiness, which includes dietary dietary supplements and natural treatments, have any useful impact for maximum of the situations they supposedly help.
What can purpose a "leaky" bowel?
The internal of the bowel is lined with the aid of a single layer of cells that make up the mucosal barrier (the barrier between the internal of the intestine and the rest of the frame).
This barrier is powerful at soaking up nutrients, however prevents most huge molecules and germs passing from in the bowel into the bloodstream and potentially inflicting enormous signs.
In a few situations, this barrier can come to be less powerful and "leaky", although this in itself is not usually idea to be enough to motive extreme troubles.
Alcohol and certain painkillers
Alcohol, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets (NSAIDs) along with ibuprofen are well-known irritants of the bowel lining. they can damage the seals between cells, permitting a few substances to pass through the gaps and into the bloodstream.
Gastroenterologists (specialists in intestine situations) commonly agree that these irritants don't typically cause something more than just slight irritation of a particular location of the bowel.
this could commonly reason no apparent signs and could improve over time in case you forestall taking the drugs or prevent ingesting alcohol. at the very worst, the infection might be bad enough to from time to time purpose ulcers within the bowel lining.
sure conditions and treatments
the subsequent conditions and treatments can also harm the seals inside the bowel lining:
inflammatory bowel diseases – which include Crohn's disorder
infections of the intestines – consisting of salmonella, norovirus and giardiasis
coeliac sickness
chemotherapy medicines
continual kidney disease
radiotherapy to the abdomen (tummy)
immunosuppressants (medicines that weaken the immune system)
cystic fibrosis
kind 1 diabetes
complex surgical treatment
typically, even in these conditions treatment for a "leaky" bowel isn’t necessary. but, beneath sure instances humans with Crohn's sickness, as an instance, can also advantage from a liquid weight loss program to reduce bowel irritation, which also improves the leaky bowel (read greater about treating Crohn's disorder).
The "leaky gut syndrome" principle
Exponents of "leaky intestine syndrome" – in large part practitioners of complementary and alternative medication – consider the bowel lining can grow to be indignant and leaky as the end result of a much wider variety of factors, such as an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria within the bowel, a negative weight loss program and the overuse of antibiotics.
They agree with that undigested food debris, bacterial pollution and germs can skip thru the "leaky" intestine wall and into the bloodstream, triggering the immune machine and inflicting continual inflammation all through the frame. This, they say, is related to a much wider variety of fitness troubles, such as:
food hypersensitive reactions
tiredness and persistent fatigue syndrome
lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a couple of sclerosis (MS)
skin situations inclusive of scleroderma and eczema
however, there may be presently little evidence to suggest those conditions are in reality as a result of having a leaky intestine.
Promoted products
Many unique "treatments" have been advised via folks that sell the idea of leaky intestine syndrome, such as weight loss plan books, dietary supplements (containing probiotics, for instance), herbal remedies, gluten-free ingredients and other unique diets, which include a low FODMAP, low sugar or antifungal weight-reduction plan.
however, you must be cautious of remedies offered via people who declare as a way to "cure leaky gut syndrome", as there may be little clinical proof to signify they're beneficial for some of the conditions they're claimed to assist.
a number of the nutritional changes recommended for "leaky gut syndrome" (including a low FODMAP weight loss program) can assist humans with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but those appear to paintings regardless of the presence of a "leaky" gut.
normally, putting off ingredients from the diet is not an awesome idea except it's strictly necessary (for example, if you have coeliac ailment) and executed on the recommendation of a healthcare expert, as it can result in nutritional deficiencies.
recommendation and in addition statistics
if you have signs that aren't explained through a prognosis, it may help to study the topic on medically unexplained signs. Such mystery symptoms are enormously common, accounting for as much as a 5th of all GP consultations inside the uk.
when you have been identified with a specific health circumstance, you could look it up in our A-Z index of treatments and situations, in which you'll find dependable, evidence-based totally data approximately its remedy.
Labial fusion, or labial adhesion, is while the small inner lips round the doorway to the vagina become sealed together.
In a few cases, this could absolutely seal the vaginal starting, leaving a completely small hole at the front that urine passes through.
it's a fairly commonplace circumstance in women underneath seven years antique and is commonly not anything to worry approximately.
reasons of labial fusion
it's no longer sure what causes labial fusion, but it usually occurs due to some irritation or irritation of the vaginal area, called vaginitis.
this can purpose the inner lips of the vulva to become sticky. without enough oestrogen inside the frame, that's quite ordinary before puberty, the lips can live caught collectively and steadily come to be firmly joined.
The problem is rarely seen in ladies when they start puberty, due to the fact that is when they begin to produce the hormone oestrogen.
Seeing your GP
For most infants or women, labial fusion would not purpose any issues and is frequently located by chance via a discern or carer for the duration of nappy changing or bathing.
Your GP can verify labial fusion after doing a recurring exam of the kid's genital place.
Treating labial fusion
A labial fusion or adhesion generally separates clearly without remedy.
treatment for labial fusion isn't always encouraged except there are different symptoms, which includes dribbling after urination, which may additionally cause troubles or soreness.
treatment is with oestrogen cream or ointment implemented daily or, very hardly ever, surgical separation.
Oestrogen creams
A small blob of the cream or ointment is carried out day by day directly to the critical line of fusion of the internal lips of the vulva.
This have to be continued for 4 to six weeks until the membrane starts offevolved to dissolve and the labia sooner or later separate absolutely. while the membrane dissolves, you should stop making use of the cream.
To allow the labial edges to heal well and save you some other labial fusion forming, you must preserve to use an emollient, inclusive of nappy rash cream, for a few months after the fusion has separated.
Oestrogen creams and ointments can occasionally reason facet consequences, in particular if used for intervals longer than some weeks. They should not be used for longer than six weeks. aspect consequences can include:
inflammation around the genital area
brief pigmentation (darkening) of the pores and skin within the genital place
vaginal spotting or bleeding when you prevent the usage of the cream or ointment
facet consequences ought to depart when you stop using the oestrogen cream or ointment.
surgical treatment
surgical procedure is very not often needed to treat labial fusion. it can be taken into consideration if:
an oestrogen cream or ointment would not work
a fusion is particularly thick and severe
there may be trapped urine within the vagina, which can dribble out after urination and purpose vulval soreness
Labial fusions are rather clean to separate – they can typically be gently pulled apart by means of hand, or a small blunt probe may be used.
A surgical separation is commonly finished underneath a preferred anaesthetic, wherein you are asleep, or local anaesthetic, where the area is numbed, because the system may be quite painful and may reason misery.
To permit the labial edges to heal well and prevent any other labial fusion forming, you may be suggested to apply an emollient, consisting of nappy rash cream or Vaseline, to the labia for a few weeks afterwards.
there is a excessive risk the fusion will return after treatment, whether you're dealt with with oestrogen cream or surgery.
headaches of labial fusion
Labial fusion is not linked to any medical circumstance and has no long-time period implications for your baby – it may not have an effect on her future fertility or sexual life.
In most instances, a fusion corrects itself for the duration of puberty. In up to fourteen% of cases, a fusion may recur, but this tendency usually stops earlier than puberty begins.
usually, it's miles clever to view "holistic" and "herbal fitness" web sites with scepticism – do not expect that the facts they provide is correct or based on clinical statistics or proof.